October 18 - Rye Foreign Parish Council

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October 18

Minutes > 2018
Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 13thh October 2018 at PlaydenOastsMeeting at 7.30 p.m.
1                     Question from the public No Public
2                     Apologies Cllrs JmesArter and Ian Jenkins RDC Martin Mooney
3                     No declarations
4                     Minutes of the meeting 11th September 2018 signed
5                     Escc monthly report circulated.   23 gritters up and ready      Highway survey under way.   Contact Angharad if any problems..
6                      RDC
7                     Finance  Barclays account is open move money from Lloyds to Barclays
8                     Correspondence
9                     Planning
10                 Footpath 13
      11           Talk about the workhouse and Rye Foreign by Alan Dickerson Playden voice Fixtures Raffle
       Meeting ended 8.00 p.m.
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