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Minutes of the Rye Foreign Parish Council Meeting

                 held on Tuesday 8th January 2019 at Playden Oasts at 7.30

No general Public

Apologies Cllr James Arter Cllrs Martin Mooney and Ian Jenkins (RDC)

Present David Dengate Chairman Denis Fowler John Parsons clerk Julie Ramus

No declarations of interest

Minutes of the meeting 11th December 2018 read and signed after altereations

Escc Highways were open over Christmas.    Up to £5000 grant for Highways matters.

The Chairman put forward Cycle route and the need for path beside the A268.   The Parish would be interested in meeting with the District Councillor who was interested in cycle paths.     Maybe a joint meeting with local parishes.

No district Councillors

7           Finance   Cheques signed £40 Ralc Mapping £72 Chairmans Course
           Paperwork sent to LLyods still not answered
           Precept for 2018/19  £2000 set unanimously by the 3 councillors present

        Correspondence had been sent to councillors no comments

Planning The only issue that had come up was the complaint about Air BB at Leasam      Oast

Footpath Marking at Lea Farm it was essential that Bill Coleman put up the sign saying that the first footpath was closed due to repair work and an arrow directing them the short distanence to the next foot path.   Use gaffer tape to secure the map.

Meeting ended at  8.20 p.m..

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