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Introducing FlexiBus – our new on-demand transport service

Introducing FlexiBus – our new on-demand transport service
FlexiBus  services are now fully operational across  10 zones in East Sussex.

This  service, delivered through the East Sussex Bus Service Improvement Plan  (BSIP) and funded by the Department for Transport, aims to deliver the  BSIP’s objective  of providing residents in rural areas of East Sussex with access to a  bus service to enable residents to access services such as health,  education and retail or to connect to the wider bus or rail network.  Operating in the rural areas of the county where traditional  bus services don’t quite reach, FlexiBus provides an invaluable link to  services and access to other public transport services for onward  travel. The service operates between 7.00am and 7.00pm on Mondays to  Saturdays (excluding public holidays).
The cost of a FlexiBus ride  is similar to a standard bus fare, £2 for a single journey, £4 for a return and  £5 for a day pass  that can be used on any bus service in East Sussex. There are discounts on these tickets for young people and Concessionary pass holders  can use their pass to travel for free with the usual time restrictions.

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